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Influencer Marketing Campaign
Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study: Project

Gigi's Cupcakes Now Delivers

Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study: Service

Why We Did It

  • Drive awareness of Gigi’s new nationwide shipping option.

  • ​Reinforce the message that you don’t have to live close to one of Gigi’s physical locations to enjoy their cupcakes, cookies and brownies. They can be delivered fresh in as little as 24 hours.​

Photo by @jenkubes

Gigis Cupcakes, BizCom Digital

How We Did It

  • Targeted influencers whose followers aligned with the Gigi’s brand.

  • Worked with Gigi’s and the influencers to craft messaging, utilizing the #GigisDelivers hashtag in order to unify the campaign across social media.

Photo by @lettersandlifestyle

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What We Did

  • Researched and aligned Gigi’s with 17 popular influencers whose dedicated followers matched Gigi’s primary audience.

  • ​Drafted blog and social media guidelines delivering key e-commerce messaging for influencer posts.

  • Coordinated a giveaway opportunity and structured the contest to benefit Gigi's social following.

Photo by @kelsiebynum

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What Happened

  • Earned more than 723,000 impressions

  • Secured 50+ social media posts

  • Earned over 6,400 social media likes and 1,100+ comments

  • Generated 200 clicks from influencer blogs directly to Gigi's page for purchase

Photo by @AmandasOK

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  • Trendy Mom Reviews shared her family’s personal experience with Gigi’s and complimented the brand’s dedication to quality.

“Similar to the dedication to perfection at local Gigi’s Cupcake bakeries, their delivery service is also about perfection...(they) are easy to order online. They are delivered fresh in as little as 24 hours. Similar to the trendy bakeries you visit in person, the cupcakes that you order online are baked fresh daily with the same high-quality ingredients.”

  • Kelsie Bynum’s Instagram post generated over 1,700 likes and more than 100 comments.

  • Gigi’s was included on influencer Instagram stories 20 times.

Photo by @somuchlifeblog

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Take a peek at some of the posts

Photo by: @lipstickandbrunch

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