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Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study copy: Project

Mr. Gatti's Pizza

Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study copy: Service

Why We Did It

  • Our goal was to generate more than 500,000 impressions among target consumers in specific markets in order to drive awareness of Mr. Gatti's Back-To-School Promotion.

  • Reinforce the message that Mr. Gatti's is more than pizza and more than games for consumers, also that Mr. Gatti's is a premier and affordable place for the family to eat, play and make memories.

Photo by @BrittanyComeauxBlog

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How We Did It

  • Targeted mommy influencers in Mr. Gatti's key markets of Kentucky, Dallas, Austin and Louisiana.

  • Worked with Mr. Gatti's to craft back-to-school messaging to appear in each post, utilizing the #MrGattisBackToSchool hashtag in order to unify the campaign across social media. 

Photo by @AshleyGlass

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What We Did

  • Researched and aligned Mr. Gatti's with 5 popular influencers whose dedicated followers matched Mr. Gatti's target consumer in each area.

  • ​Drafted blog and social media guidelines delivering key back-to-school and Mr. Gatti's messaging for influencer posts.

  • Coordinated 2 giveaway opportunities and structured the contest to benefit Mr. Gatti's social following.

Photo by @LiveLuvTexas

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What Happened

  • Earned more than 2.2 million impressions.

  • Secured 46 social media posts.

  • Earned over 1,700 social media likes and 76 comments.​

  • The Daily Meal shared Rural Mom's post, earning over 1 million impressions. 

Photo by @BrittanyComeauxBlog

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  • Supported with awesome photography, Brittany Comeaux shared a touching hometown connection:

“We even got to have a touching conversation with the manager about their location and how they rebounded from the 2016 flood. As we looked for a little R&R from our back-to-school mania we got to hear how this Mr. Gatti's provided that same, much needed, respit for a recovering community.”

  • Live Love Texas generated over 560 likes on her Instagram post sharing her experience at Mr. Gatti’s.

  • Ashley Glass generated over 500 likes and 45 comments on her Instagram post.

Photo by @brittanycomeauxblog

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Take a peek at some of the posts

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