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Social Media 

Do It Right

Social media is one of the most cost effective and engaging ways to market to potential customers, if you’re using it correctly.

Social Media: Service

What We Do

We offer a range of social media services designed to best help you reach your target customers and most effectively tell your brand story.

Social Media: Service

Executive Social Media Packages

Our  social media packages for executives are designed to take advantage of social media channels to create platforms from which you can interactively share your message and reinforce your position as a thought leader.

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Team Meeting

Crisis Plan

Are you and your team equipped to handle a social media crisis? We're not just talking combatting a viral video, but having a plan in place to respond to anything from negative reviews on Facebook to a trending hashtag that could reflect poorly on your brand. Establishing a plan and suggested responses before something happens is the best way to be ready and timely when it's time to respond.

Social Ads

Whether you're promoting an important product launch or event, we can target your customers to be sure your social spend is strategic and making an impact.

Social Media Ads
Working Over Coffee

Social Consulting

Content is king on social. We'll help train your team to know what to post where and when to be sure you're taking advantage of social opportunities. We specialize in helping brands best utilize the free resource in social media.

Social Audit

When executing a social media audit, we’ll take a look at your social strategies and tactics in comparison to those of your top competitors to map out what’s working, what’s not working and where opportunities are for your brand to stand out.

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Case Studies

Word on the Street

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We work with the Allen Americans to help optimize social content while maximizing their spend on social ads.

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Digital BizCom creates and manages custom social content and ads to support new books and episodes for How To Buy A Franchise.

How To Buy A Franchise

Social Media: Testimonial
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