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Allen Americans Case Study: Project

Social Media Consulting

"Working with the Digital BizCom team to develop our social media and digital presence has taken us to a new level. Video views increased by 248% and our social media ad performance increased by 76%. I would recommend Digital BizCom to any business looking to amp up its online presence and attract new customers." - Allen Americans

Allen Americans Case Study: Service

What We Did

Following a social media audit, we provided strategic counsel to the Allen Americans with a goal of creating content that will increase page engagement. Additionally, we reviewed their existing social ads for optimization opportunities.



  • Actions on page increased by over 62%

  • Video views increased by 248%

  • Page views up by 37%

  • Post engagement up by 16%

  • Increased ad performance by 76% for the same budget

  • 223% increase in web traffic from Instagram

  • Social media delivered 10.5% of all website traffic 

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