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Rug Doctor Influencer Campaign Case Study: Project

Rug Doctor FlexClean Influencer Campaign

Rug Doctor Influencer Campaign Case Study: Service

Why We Did It

  • Drive awareness of FlexClean among potential customers by generating a minimum of 3MM impressions via 10 blog posts and at least 30 social media posts.

  • Reinforce the message that it is important to deep clean both carpets and hard floors and the FlexClean does it safely and effectively.

  • Raise awareness of the upholstery tool.

Photo by @7onashoestring

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How We Did It

  • Capitalized on interest in “Spring Cleaning” to introduce FlexClean as a single alternative to traditional, less effective cleaning methods and materials.

  • Worked with 3 of the top influencers to maximize post and engagement with a giveaway opportunity for followers.

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What We Did

  • Identified 10 popular influencers whose audiences matched Rug Doctor’s primary audience.

  • Drafted blog and social media guidelines delivering key FlexClean messaging for influencer posts.

  • Coordinated giveaway opportunities and contest structure with 3 top influencers.

  • Tracked and provided real time links for Rug Doctor promotion across social media channels.

Photo by @KozyandCo

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What Happened

  • Secured 10 blog posts featuring original influencer content and photos that highlighted FlexClean messaging.

  • Earned more than 6.3 million impressions online, across social media and blog posts.

  • Secured 75+ social media posts.

  • Grew Rug Doctor’s Instagram followers almost 120% through influencer impressions and strategic contests.

  • Earned more than 15,000 entries for 3 giveaways.

  • Generated 750+ clicks from influencer blogs directly to FlexClean landing page for purchase.

Photo by Our Family Lifestyle

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  • Wisconsin Mommy shared her disgusifaction journey with readers as she was pleasantly surprised with the FlexClean’s result.

“You see, Rug Doctor had promised that the ‘proof is in the pour’ but I had cleaned my floors just a few days before the FlexClean arrived so I didn’t think I’d see much improvement. I assumed I had gotten most of the dirt up with my quick mop job. Yeah, I was wrong. Check out what I saw when I emptied the tank into the bathtub....ewwww.”

  • All Thing Mamma’s video showed followers exactly how the FlexClean worked so easily across all flooring in her home.

  • Clean Mama’s Instagram post generated over 1,000+ likes and more than 1,000 comments, above her average.

Photo by @7onashoesting

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Review Each Blog Post

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