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Influencer Marketing Campaign
Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study: Project

Burger 21

What's Your Number?

Gigi's Delivery Influencer Campaign Case Study: Service

Why We Did It

​Burger 21 revealed a menu refresh in March 2017. Our goal was to raise consumer awareness of the new menu and it’s unique approach to Burger 21’s creative offerings by asking the media, influencers and customers, What’s Your Number?

Photo by @sliceofjess

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How We Did It

​Using a mixed approach, we utilized both traditional PR methods and emerging digital opportunities to engage both social influencers and journalists in Burger 21’s space.

Photo by @eatdrinkclt

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What We Did

  • BizCom drafted and distributed a formal press release announcing the refreshed menu, and pitched opportunities, earning local, trade and national media placements.

  • We also researched top influencers with followers who best match Burger 21’s customers. Once identified, we invited them to their local Burger 21, working closely with the local franchisee, so the influencer could taste and review the new menu and let readers know what their ”number” is.

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What Happened

  • Earned 55,400,000+ impressions online, across traditional earned media and influencer posts.

  • Secured blog posts and 60+ social media posts across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Zomato.

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  • Triangle Foodies shared a detailed review of all the food they tasted and loved during their visit, earning an ideal headline of “Burger 21 – Perfect for Burger Snobs”

"I’m just going to start out by saying I am a burger snob. When I was invited to try Burger 21, I was excited but somewhat skeptical. I went in with an open mind and an empty stomach and, spoiler alert, I came out very happy.”

  • We introduced culinary influencer and writer Slice of Jess with Burger 21 during this campaign.

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