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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Implementing Now

3 Hot Digital Marketing Tips

When you map out digital marketing opportunities it is easy to get overwhelmed. There's a wide range of digital marketing channels, each requiring your time and attention.

For example, there’s social media marketing, email marketing to support lead generation, search engine optimization, digital ad opportunities, and content creation. With all this opportunity, it’s important to stay focused on what can really help move the needle.

At the Digital Summit in Dallas, speakers from around the world tried to bring the often fuzzy world of digital marketing into focus, and here are three topics almost everyone agreed should be at the top of your digital marketing to-do list right now.

1. Invest In SEO

This seems pretty basic and we’re sure you’re saying "of course SEO is a key part of digital marketing." However, is investing your time in SEO a regular task on your digital marketing to-do list? When was the last time you made any updates?

With all the changes continually being introduced by Google, SEO can’t be something you invest in once a year. It has to be a continual effort to be sure you are ranking. If not, your brand is not maximizing the very foundation of your digital efforts. After all, if your pages aren’t being found then all the awesome content creation isn’t really worth much, right?

Here’s some key takeaways on SEO:

- Google’s priority is to answer queries. Is your content offering clear answers or just trying to sell something? Utilizing creative ways to insert anticipated query responses into text headings and page titles will help you rank above your competition.

- Analyze your competitors. Looking at your competitor’s online presence will not only reveal how you stack up against them in the eyes of prospective clients but will also reveal opportunities that you might be missing. How many backlinks do they have? What keywords are they going after? What are their most popular pages? The answer to these and other basic questions can offer content ideas for your brand.

- Use keyword research. Identifying the best competitive keywords for your brand is instrumental in getting found in a competitive online landscape. There are plenty of tools you can use to help you decide what keywords are best for you based off volume, CPC and competition.

- Local SEO is important. As a local business are you taking advantage of free opportunities (like Google’s Q&A section) to win higher search rankings? Are you using a local phone number on your profile to show Google you truly are a trusted local business? Are you earning local links from trusted online sources like the Chamber and local influencers? These are just a few ways to beat your local competition.

2. Diversify your Social Media Presence and Strategy

Social media basics are still important. Continue to engage with followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but push the boundaries on social media norms and try new platforms.

- Utilize social media as a platform to surprise and delight customers. John Young, the Social Business Advisor for Southwest Airlines, shared how the airline -- known for its social skills -- utilizes social media to connect with customers, not campaign to them. Doing things like responding online within 30 minutes, using real names to sign off on tweets and empowering the social team to do things like re-book flights and solve problems has helped them integrate social into the business itself and not just think of it as one segment of their digital strategy.

- Try a new platform. Did you know that 50 percent of all web traffic comes from Pinterest? If your brand doesn’t have a presence -- organic or paid -- you are missing a big opportunity to drive awareness and traffic.

3. Utilize Influencers to be your Content Creators

Content creation is critical to a successful digital marketing campaign and no one does it better than influencers! With so much to do as digital marketers, utilizing influencers to create engaging content while increasing awareness and digital traffic is a win-win situation.

Ericka Kurtz of MGM Resorts shared that social media consumers digest 300 feet of content every day. With your customers taking in enough digital content to stack higher than the Statue of Liberty, it is imperative that yours is compelling enough to stop their thumb from scrolling.

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing, but these three steps can help you begin moving the needle forward. If you would like to learn more about the many different tools and techniques available to help you maximize your digital marketing and how we can assist you enhance your online presence, email us or call (214) 458-5751.

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